Invader 22
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Have you just bought - or are you looking at an Invader 22 - or a Snapdragon 670 ?

I would like to have some info on this site about other owners. If you could e-mail me any info you would like me to use - and a pic of the boat, ideally.

I've started to ask everyone who contacts me. It has not helped that I had overlooked putting my e-mail address anywhere on the site ! So that's sorted now - there is a link on this page, allsorts and home.
If you only have a photo - you can post it - I can scan it and return, no problem. Even if it is just a contact address - it would be a start.

Always feel free to ask anything you want - I am going to try to sort the site out a bit - but I'm afraid I have a deadline for getting the boat afloat this spring - where she belongs.

Geoff Richings 17 Hereford Rd, Bristol BS29UW - tel 01179553602. Jan 04.