July Cruise 2016- Ilfracombe / Oxwich Bay / Swansea / Weston.

Part 2 - Ilfracombe to Oxwich Bay


We are off - good day forecast - steady 4 SW. Decide to cross over to Swansea or thereabouts.

My feelings were to hold a cog for Swansea untill - but we decided to sail to the wind and head N and let the tide drift us W and then E

Great sail - nice big but friendly sea running mid channel. 5 kts at times or more.

Ended up way S of Worms Head by LW - but by then the wind had died to a 2 or 3 at best ! Now having a job to get far enough N under sail. Tacked for a while going E with the tide. Ended up deciding on anchoring in Oxwich Bay - so on with the motor for the last few miles to get in. We could have made Swansea under motor but it would have been a slog.

Bit of a roll going in Oxwich - not too bad. Settled out later. Calm night and a fine flat mroning. Just a few local fishing boats - sea kyakers. Quiet - nice place. Another yacht joined us later about 10pm - and they were yapping a bit ! - can't win. They went ashore to the pub.

We did 34 miles to get to Oxwich - which is 22 probably over the ground from Ilfracombe !

Settled on an early morning run into the Mumbles and Swansea Bay on the last of the flood. HW Swansea was around 9am

Oxwich bay - settled and quiet - so long as the wind is not in the S or E

Mumbles always seems to be sheltered - some breakfast before locking into Swansea Tawe lock. Motored round the 7 miles at 0530 to catch the last of the flood tide into Swansea Bay.