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I'm soon putting this site onto a new server along with my new domain of I have altered it a bit for now - the homepage is now the sailing pages. The old pages are still online and are linked from a new index on the sailing index list.

Geoff - May 2010

Ignore this - (my bookmarks for getting onto my mobile phone easily) you are welcome to make use of them. Bookmark this page on your phone. Its easy then to scroll down the list.

Weston Bay Yacht Club

Mark Stronges pda weather

Inshore waters forecast-printable version

Standard ports tides

UK Shipping forecast - pda format

Buoy data

Pembroke buoy - current data

National buoy data - for 52N - 4- W

Sevenstones lightship data

Aberporth Buoy- N of MIlford H

K2 Buoy - West of Ireland

Milford Haven weather