You Tube Videos

I may embed these here some time - but for now here are the links.

It is not easy getting video fotoage when things are going a bit pearshaped - so do not think all my sailing is balmy sweet as in some of these vids.

Thats the time when you have time to get the camera out. When there are two of us I do try to grab some footage.

I have tried attaching the camera to the rail - but its looks real odd, the sea sloping this way and that and the boat level !

I need a video HAT - so I can strap the camera to my head. I am geting ideas now, but will look a fool !

En route to Ilfracombe - with a little of Swansea bay Anchorage - to the music of Telemann's Viola concerto.

Four parts of the Cruise to Milford Haven, Solve, Skomer etc.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | PArt4a | Part 4b

Related video shot by a friend and canal boat cruiser Laurie Booth -
on the river mooring.

My footage but edited by Laurie to a music soundtrack - various locations

All at Sea - as above - different soundtrack

Making violin varnish ( nothing to do with sailing )

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