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Summer Cruise June 09 - 8 days, 300 miles.

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A lazy day up the river Cleddeau - shame the tide was on the ebb, or we could have gone further. Got up to past Lawrenny Yacht centre but by then we were punching a surprisingly fast tide and the depth was dropping. Seemed to be nobody about anywhere - which was nice, but odd since it is Mid June.

Strange to see deciduous woodlands lapping onto tidal waters - seemed odd.

The Irish ferry came in on the way back - big stuff like that gives me the heeby geebies - I keep well out of their way.

Went back down to the Dale pontoon - where I made a mess of getting her in against the wind. I did ok in the marina berths mostly though - but with some wind, if you do it slow, the wind decides you are 'slowly' not going to do it !!! - I live and learn. I haven't actually hit anything yet.

Had a coffee and chat aboard Two Moons, a 34 foot yacht owned by an American couple who had come across three years ago. They were off to Padstow shortly - we heard them briefly on the vhf the next day.

Beautiful boat - a custom made one off - steel. A wise couple - sold the house they liked and bought one they didn't like - as they were leaving their sons living in it for a few years. That's a wise move !

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